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Ariztical Entertainment prides ourselves on the high quality of independent films that we help promote and release to the public. We are always on the lookout for new films to work with. If your film fits one of the below descriptions of films, we would welcome a discussion with you.
A GLBT film that is exciting, sexy, relevant and filmed well to join our CQC line. For a comparison, check out our catalog of films that has a part number beginning with CQC.
A non-GLBT film that is relevant and thought provoking, films that take a non-dogmatic approach to ethics and values.  These can be political, psychological, and moral as just a few examples. For examples of these films, check out our catalog of films that has a part number beginning with IFD.
Light erotic films that would not be considered hardcore pornography. For examples, please check out our catalog of films that has a part number beginning with HNK.
A short GLBT film to be a part of the numerous Short Compilations we produce.

With Ariztical Entertainment, you can be assured of a personal touch with the release of your film. We pride ourselves in our desire to work with our filmmakers to successfully release films that balance tried and true DVD release methods, while at the same time keeping the filmmaker’s vision alive.
Ariztical Entertainment is a leader in bringing independent films to the public using a variety of formats. We have had successful limited theatrical runs with some of our films, and have been successfully releasing films on DVD (and VHS previously) for numerous years. In addition, we have been on the forefront of the new Digital format that opens up new ways to get the product to the consumer. We also work with numerous international companies to promote/distribute our product throughout the world.

To submit your film, please send a copy with contact information to:
Ariztical Entertainment
ATTN: Michael Jack Shoel
12400 Ventura Blvd. #686
Studio City, CA 91604

Or for more information please write to

(what we can offer you)

• Acquisitions
Searches for top films to expand our vast library of films.
Attends Film Festivals.
Uses technology to find new and exciting film projects.
Accepts and reviews new scripts for production by Ariztical.

• Production
Using materials provided to us to create exciting DVDs to present to the consumer.
Taking your photos and creating edgy and sexy box covers.
Coordinating all materials with the Marketing department for promotions throughout our base of buyers.

• Film Festival
Helping you submit to film festivals around the world.
Coordinating the traffic of your masters throughout the Film Festivals.
Promotion of your film at the festivals.

• Domestic Distribution
Working our hardest to get your film into major retailers such as Blockbuster, Netflix and Best Buy.
Selling your film to individuals through websites such as Amazon and the Ariztical webpage.
Working with other companies to distribute your film into smaller retailers across the country

• Digital Distribution
Taking advantage of the new technology by working with some of the top contenders in the industry such as Netflix and Akimbo.
Constantly on the watch for “the next big thing” with this new technology.
Developing our own “pay to view” site in order to hit more customers across the world.

• Foreign Distribution
Already working with Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Australia/New Zealand, Canada and more.
Constantly developing new relationships across the world in order to continue to spread our product.

• Theatrical
Able to do limited theatrical runs in the U.S.
Works with the best Independent theatres across the country.

• Television
Has a great relationship with some of the top cable channels in the U.S.
Regularly pitches available films to the companie


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