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The Everlastin Secret Family

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The Everlasting Secret Family
Genre: Gay Drama
Director: Michael Thornhill
Cast: Arthur Dignam, Mark Lee, Heather Mitchell, Dennis Miller, john Meillon
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Screen Format: Full Screen
Street Date: Friday, November 26, 2004
DVD Features:
5.1 Surround Sound, Interactive Menus, Scene Selections
Based on the life of a prominent Australian Politician, Everlasting Secret Family is a provoking film of morality to be rich in sexual nuance and dramatic conflict.The Senator (Arthur Dignam) and his peers meets as an exclusive "Family" who secretly recruit young boys from select schools and use them for the decadent purpose of realizing erotic desire. One youth in particular (Mark Lee) attracts the Senator's attention and is let deeper into a world of private distinctions of behavior and thought. When the Senator takes a wife, the young men's temporal reality concludes that without his youth he shall lose his position as the Senator's favorite. To avoid this loss and to maintain his powerfull charm, the young man invests his energies in raising the Senator's child. After 16 years, the son (Paul Goddard), influenced by his mentorand companion, becomes a homsexual and is also initiated into the "Family" upon reaching manhood. The Senator and his son are then both dependent on the love of the handsome youth who has become the focal point in their lives.

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DVD Catalog #: CQC 577


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VHS Catalog #: CQC 590

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