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Genre: Political Thriller (Non Gay)
Set in the near future, where the government (in the name of security) resorts to heightened surveillance of it's own citizens, and extremists boldly rebel and take up arms in resistance.

Political intrigue abounds in a complex upside down world as militia assassin Mike Wilson secretly decides to renounce the violence his job demands, and Homeland Security Official Cynthia Porter purposely sabotages a government spying operation. Consequently, both must now face paying the price for betraying the organizations they had faithfully served. Wilson is soon gunned down by a comrade-in-arms, although his pacifism is quickly passed to fellow militia member Sam Norton. Now Norton is suddenly faced with foiling a terrorist plot to bomb Porter's office and rescue her from the pursuit of zealous government agents. Surprising twists and turns rivet the viewer in this politically charged thriller.

Director: Thomas Mercer
Cast: Penny Perkins, Tony Grocki, Mark Musto, Glenn Allen, Yvonne Perry
Runtime: 110 Minutes
Language: English
DVD Extras: Eating Out 2 Trailer, Additional Trailers, Behind The Scenes Extras
Pre-Book Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Street Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
UPC Code: 631008163796
Catalog #: IFD637
Currently Unavailable
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