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Vigilante: The Crossing

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Vigilante: The Crossing
Genre: Action

Ex-con Dexter Gooding (Kirk Brown) is deported from the US and returns to Barbados to discover his homeland engulfed in crime. Armed with the guilt of his past crimes and a genuine passion to see his birthplace thrive, he takes on the role of vigilante.

Employing a Robin Hood-style, he soon collides with Amy, a white Barbadian woman (Malissa Alanna), who deploys a polar opposite approach to helping the same community. As the boiling pot of racial prejudice, passion, love and hate erupts, their lives and shared mission reach a crucial crossroad.

Director: Marcia Weekes
Cast: Malissa Alanna, Kirk Brown, Julie Chalbaud, Gavin Fernandez, Kay Foster
Runtime: 111 min.
Country: Barbados
Language: English
Digital Street Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
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