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What's Up Scarlet?

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What's Up Scarlet?
Genre: Lesbian Comedy

Scarlet Zabrinski, (Susan Priver, star of Mafioso and My Brother Jack) a successful, hard edged, L.A. matchmaker lives in the shadow of her overbearing mother, Ruth Zabrinski (Sally Kirkland, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner for Anna) who relentlessly tries to find the perfect man for her daughter. Ben Zabrinski, (Jere Burns star of Good Morning Miami, The Mommies, Bob, Dear John) Scarlet's pot smoking brother, an unemployed lawyer, becomes furious when Scarlet unknowingly sets him up with a porno star. When Sabrina Fisser, (Musetta Vander, of "Kicking and Screaming" and "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?") a homeless foreign actress, rear ends her on a calm sunny afternoon, Scarlet offers this seemingly helpless vagabond a place to stay for one night. One night becomes an eternity as the free spirited Sabrina outstays her welcome. When a vengeful Ben tries to seduce Sabrina, Scarlet finds herself protective of her new friend. A mutual attraction develops and the two unlikely characters explore the uncharted territory of unexpected love.

Director: Anthony Caldarella
Cast: Susan Priver, Musetta Vander, Sally Kirkland, Jere Burns, Michael E. Rodgers, Timothy Murphym Carmen Aregnziano, Jack Kehler, Margaret Ladd, Craig Barnett
Runtime: 84 min.
Language: English
DVD Features: Original Trailer
Pre-Book Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Street Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
UPC Code: 631008069494
Catalog #: CQC694
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
New Web Discount: $24.99
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